That’s last night’s dinner – potato & chickpea curry, Trader Joe’s pakoras, and garlic naan. It was delicious! Tonight, we ended up cheating and not working out or cooking, but we had salads from Costa Vida for dinner, at least! This week has been busy for both of us at work and we just didn’t feel like exerting ourselves in the slightest.

Tomorrow is a very exciting day because Paardebloem comes out! This is one of my favorite beers I’ve ever tasted. It’s really hard to get a hold of because it’s such a limited batch. It’s brewed with dandelions and packs a big 9.2% punch. It almost tastes more like white wine than beer. I’m hitting the Red Rock beer store immediately after work tomorrow, and then we’re going to the brewpub for dinner and more. 🙂 It’ll be a good reward after a long week.

I re-downloaded Lose It!, which is the first app I did calorie counting with, last night. I really prefer the UI to My Fitness Pal’s. I only have two weeks left of WW and I really don’t want to spend $20 a month just for their clunky, buggy app. I have a free WW point calculator app I may try out as well. The problem is that I have to manually calculate points for everything all the time if I go with that. I may just fall back to Lose It to rely on their database. We’ll see. Right now, I’m doing an experiment and logging my food in both apps. I want to put a post together showing calories vs points side by side.



The finished product tonight. Sauce was great, meatballs a bit dry. So many leftovers!


This week’s menu options:

Skinnytaste potato & chickpea curry (made once before, super good)

Tuna steaks + Asian chopped salad

Skinnytaste meatballs & sauce currently simmering in the crockpot

Cauliflower crust pizza

So, I used to make cauliflower crust pizza for dinner probably once a week before I met John. But I don’t think I’ve made it in probably two years! He is willing to try it, so hopefully it turns out well even though I’m rusty.

We were both up a little weight-wise this week, which makes since because we ended up eating out a LOT. I’m finding I really only lose any weight if I cook more often. This is going to get harder as this week starts off the 3-sports-at-once season for John (plus golf). I may just end up cooking while he’s off playing whatever and saving him a plate.

We had friends over yesterday for margaritas, and I stupidly forgot to photograph the margs at all. We made lime sherbet and mango margaritas and both batches turned out really well! Some slight tweaking needs to be done to the recipes but not much.


This morning I got up and made this bubble up breakfast casserole – recipe definitely needs work. It’s fine enough, but nothing craveable. I prefer my quiche recipe.

John and I were talking the other night and decided we’re going to try to do a real 30 Day Shred where we do the videos every day for 30 days. (He gets a pass on nights he plays a sport, and we get our birthdays off, since it’ll be June/July). I think it’ll be cool to see what results we get, if we can stick with it. That’ll start around mid-June, as our push to the bach bash in July.



A short post since I’m on my phone.


I’m going to be an aunt! I am so beyond excited. My sister and her husband will
be great parents. I didn’t realize how happy it would make me! The only hard part is knowing how far away I will have to be during her pregnancy.

This week’s menu:
Chimichangas (chicken) for Cinco de Mayo, and a margarita experiment. (I have lime sherbet, fresca, and mangos, gotta be something there, right?)
Either turkey meatballs and homemade sauce, or maybe turkey patty melts?

Everything is kind of up in the air since John starts his second sport this week. It’ll be three soon, plus golf whenever he can. Not sure when I’ll ever see him!

Down another pound and a half. It’s really starting to look like WW is the way to go for me. We’ll see when I hit my goal, but this works without me feeling too deprived. Just slightly deprived. 😉




We have been dogsitting this weekend! Marv and Lucy are tolerating each other pretty well.


Marv is pretty interested in sniffing Lucy, but she doesn’t really care for him. We’re just happy there haven’t been any brawls. It’s been a good experience dogsitting Lucy – we now know we are not quite ready to be dog owners! She’s been a good dog, but we are happy with our super low maintenance cat brat for now.

We have had a rainy, lazy weekend. Put in our registry at Bed Bath & Beyond and did some wedding work on invitations today. Also had an amazing iced coffee from High Brew (dark chocolate mocha) for 2 points. Successfully killed my chocolate craving and caffeine craving at the same time. 🙂

Both of us maintained weight this week, which is pretty good considering we both had some grumpy days this week and ended up indulging in Chinese and sushi, and I went out for drinks and apps with some work folks on Friday. (Which was a new experience in itself and pretty out of my comfort zone!) Ok, so I was up .4 lbs Saturday morning, but back down by Sunday.

This week’s menu is pretty much leftover from last week’s options: Indian curry or masala chicken, quinoa enchilada casserole, and spaghetti. Bought lots of produce at Sprouts – really missed having salads this week.



It has been a crazy week! Work has been busy but the days are dragging. Counting down the days until we get to take a vacation. The downside of getting married and taking a honeymoon and doing a long bachelorette weekend is we don’t get to take many days off until then. I know those will both be amazing once we get there, but I miss our 3 day weekend road trips!

Bubble Up pizza was a hit! Tomorrow we’re reheating for lunch, so we’ll see how the leftovers are. It was super comforting and tasty. I modified the original recipe from Emily Bites to what we had in our pantry, so it ended up being 10 points, but for a nice big serving. Next time, I’ll do turkey sausage instead of pork (accidentally grabbed it in the store) and get the number of biscuits right. Maybe add a little more cheese for John’s tastes as well. Once I get my recipe perfected, I’ll post it.

Made some super easy banana oat cookies the other night – 2 points each. One overripe banana + 1/2 cup quick oats + 2 Tbsp PB2 chocolate + 1/8 cup mini choc chips. Baked at 350 for 15 minutes. Nothing mindblowing, but tasty enough. Planning to work on perfecting these as well.

Two more days until the weekend!



Pretty indulgent weekend diet-wise, but I did at least get some activity in. Walks through the neighborhood both days, and 30DS yesterday and house cleaning (hell yeah, I counted it) today. Went to Mellow Mushroom last night and  holy cow, their pizza is some serious points. I did half a small Gourmet White for 18 points, and two beers for 10 points. It’s a lot, but I’m proud of myself for stopping there and not eating another slice, even though it was so tempting! And I resisted dessert at home.

Today’s indulgence was In n Out for lunch, with a cheeseburger and fries for 24 points total. Yes, there is a protein style option, but the bread there is absolutely worth the 4 points. We did have a light breakfast to counteract it, and then grilled some low point hot dogs for dinner. Applegate Natural uncured beef hot dogs are only 2 points! I grilled some green pepper to go with it, and kept to half a serving of chips and split the Stone Enjoy by 4-20-15 IPA with John.

GREAT IPA, by the way. Would be fabulous with some light crackers and Humboldt fog. Stone tends to be pretty predictable for me, but they are reliable, and the Enjoy By series is always enjoyable. (wink)

Prepared some smoked sausage cassoulet for lunches this weeks – 9 points a serving, but it’s packed full of protein so I think it’s worth it. Dinner options for the week include bubble up pizza, chicken tikka masala, tacos, and quinoa enchilada casserole. Here’s hoping it’s a good week!