Sometimes you just have to go full fatty.

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It’s been a crazy last few weeks! John is finally down to one sport a week and this is the last week. Then we get one week of nothingness and then our beach trip! SO excited. We are now under 100 days until the wedding and I am starting to get a bit nervous! There are just so many little logistical details to think about. If at the end of the day, we just get married and have some good food and some good beer, though, I’ll be happy. 🙂

A handsome man in a dark steakhouse

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It was John’s 30th birthday today! We went to High West yesterday and had some delicious whiskeys, and then Ruth’s Chris tonight. It was a very good but very rich meal. About halfway through our butter soaked steaks, we agreed we’re totally ready to eat healthy for the next two weeks. We’ve already planned out meals for the week and are going to try to be really good in preparation for the beach. 🙂

We didn’t end up doing the entire 30 days of our shred like we planned. I did about two weeks straight and then started having some knee pain, so we dialed it back. John was having a hard time with doing 3 sports and shred, too. I’ve been using an app called Sworkit for strength training and yoga to mix it up since shred started feeling really repetitive. I’m down about 3 pounds post-Minnesota madness, and pretty sure I’ll drop a bit more with our two weeks of “detox” eating coming up.

Pulled pork by Costco, rest by me

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Highlights of cooking recently: I made roasted green beans and homemade (super-cheesy) mac and cheese to go with this pulled pork from Costco. We’re going to be eating a lot of pulled pork this week, lol. We tried a honey lavender BBQ sauce that was really interesting.

Still working on my steak grilling game, but salmon turned out really well!

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Still on a major grilling kick, too! My next goal is to grill some perfect chicken with the honey lavender BBQ sauce.

Really looking forward to vacation soon as work has been super hectic lately. We’ve lost a few people recently and we’re feeling the workload. It’s going to feel so nice to kick back on the beach and have very few responsibilities for a couple days.


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