Whew. This weekend we went to Minnesota for one of John’s high school friend’s wedding. One of the most hectic weekends we’ve had in a while! There was not as much eating as anticipated, but I’m still feeling kinda icky and bloated from drinking and not getting much exercise. The travel really wore me out, too. We had a good time, though!


One of the highlights of the trip was visiting a bar in Rochester with a very serious tap menu. We cruised through several flights. The best we had was New Belgium’s Cocoa Mole. Cinnamony, chocolatey, with just a hint of spice. One of the better chili beers I’ve had! I also loved the Victory Kirsch Gose, though John wasn’t a big fan – no surprise since it’s a gose.

We started our shred yesterday, though I actually did a Sworkit workout instead for Monday – 15 minutes cardio and 10 minutes strength. Today I went back to 30 DS Level 1. Man, it is hard getting back on the exercise horse.

Will be grinding through another few regular work weeks before our beach trip! And my birthday is Monday, so we’re going to do some fun things this weekend. I want to hike but it may be too hot. Jurassic World is definitely in the picture, though. And dessert. Lots of dessert.



Ah, I let time get away from me again! This week was crazy hectic – I went to all 3 of John’s games this week (Monday – volleyball, Tuesday – softball, Wednesday – ultimate Frisbee), there was a kitty play date on Thursday night, and then Friday night I ran all the errands I didn’t do the rest of the week! So yeah, I didn’t cook at all this week. 😦

I did make breakfast yesterday morning and made some baked ravioli for lunches this week today since last week we were scrambling for lunch stuff with no leftovers available. I use this Emily Bites recipe that is super delicious and pretty low-cal.

Last night, John and I had date night before hanging out with friends. We went to Rye for the first time and were really impressed.


We both got the steak special and it was amazing. Mashed potatoes, really delicious grilled asparagus, and a fabulous steak. There was a spicy-ish miso sauce all around the plate as well that was divine. Creamy and rich and fabulous. We tried out a few of their cocktails and also had the dumplings as an appetizer, but the steak was the star of the meal for sure.


We also bought our wedding bands yesterday!!! We went to get my ring cleaned and decided to look and ended up buying bands on the spot. John’s is a classic gold band while mine has some sparkle. 🙂 It’s going to be hard to wait 4 more months to wear it!

This week is another dose of 3 sports, and then we’re going to Minnesota for the weekend for a wedding. I am 100% planning on stuffing face and having a great time! Our 30 day shred starts after we return, so this is a last hurrah for a bit. Then comes birthday celebrating and bach bash!

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