Oops, I let the week get away from me. It was a busy one. This long weekend has been amazing! We had a pretty good mix of laziness and activity, in my opinion. Saturday, we went to Park City and hit the outlets and I bought more clothes than I probably should have, oops. But such good deals! Then John worked on the garden for a little while and we did laundry and took a walk around the neighborhood. I made our staple fish taco recipe:


Blackened tilapia with avocado, cilantro, and lots of fresh lime juice. Spicy and fresh and tasty!

Sunday ended up being even lazier…a Costco run and then playing games and drinking beer with friends. I did make these delicious cupcakes!


They are mini chocolate banana cupcakes with a peanut butter frosting. It’s a Weight Watchers recipe, 2 points or 101 calories per little cupcake. They are so good! And rich, too. I actually am satisfied with one even though they are so small. Not that I don’t want to eat 3 more, but, you know.

There was also Taco Bell AND Five Guys on Sunday. John deemed it a “getting fat” weekend that night. This is the last week I have of WW so we’re getting a little slack. We’re going to try to pick it back up tomorrow. But…


We did have this healthy dinner tonight – salmon, zucchini, and baby kale salads. Of course, this was because we were going out for milkshakes after. We did get a walk in today along with some walking while picking up those plants at the top of the post! I even helped John garden today. According to Lose It, I was only about 80 calories over when all was said and done (including another cupcake I caved and had just now. Oops.)

I was also battling some major sinus nastiness this week that seems to be gone now, so I’ll get back to working out more. I did actually go to the gym once this week and get some lazy elliptical-ing in. Our 30 Day Shred experiment starts in just about 3 weeks! And hopefully this rain rolls out soon so we can start hiking again.

This week’s menu:

Salmon (had tonight)

Brats, sauerkraut, and grilled corn

Tacos or enchilada casserole

My birthday is in about a month, and we get to go home in about two months! After that, the wedding countdown gets real serious. (And then baby countdown for my sister too!) So much happening this year – I feel very lucky and happy.


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