Food for thought:

Weight Watchers budget: 26 points daily to lose, 32 points to maintain (49 weekly points as well)

Lose It goals: 1592 to lose 1/2 lb a week, 1842 to maintain *note: the goal it has to lose 1 lb a week is 1342, which is below my BMR, below*

BMR: 1376

TDEE: 1645 (sedentary) or 1885 (light exercise)

We watched Fed Up tonight (while eating pizza, oops) and it was thought-provoking. I’ve always heard “a calorie is a calorie,” but WW doesn’t subscribe to that, which is something I’ve struggled with. In a way, that’s why I’ve been tempted to go back to regular calorie counting, because a 200 calorie beer on a 1590 calorie diet, is only 12% of my day; but on WW, it’s 5 points out of 26, which is about 19%. Granted, I get weeklies in there too, but even if I budget in 7 weeklies (a fair split per 7 days), it’s still 15% of 32 points.

Another topic brought up (and what actually inspired us to watch the film tonight, due to a very similar Washington Post article we read this morning) was that exercise really doesn’t play that big a role in weight loss. This really has the cogs in my head turning. John said he already felt that way about exercise to begin with, but I’ve been thinking of exercise almost strictly as a way to eat more…it explains some things. I’m going to try to re-orient my head into seeing it as a way to be healthy, not just to get more food.

It actually makes me feel a little less pressure. It probably helps that I’m close to where I want to be, weight-wise. Realistically, if I didn’t lose any more weight than now, that would be ok. I am in a healthy range, my fiance likes my body just fine, and I comfortably fit in my wedding dress. 🙂 I still would like to be under 125 (which I’m about a pound away from), so my arbitrarily picked goal is 123. The important thing for me is staying there once I make it.


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