This week’s menu options:

Skinnytaste potato & chickpea curry (made once before, super good)

Tuna steaks + Asian chopped salad

Skinnytaste meatballs & sauce currently simmering in the crockpot

Cauliflower crust pizza

So, I used to make cauliflower crust pizza for dinner probably once a week before I met John. But I don’t think I’ve made it in probably two years! He is willing to try it, so hopefully it turns out well even though I’m rusty.

We were both up a little weight-wise this week, which makes since because we ended up eating out a LOT. I’m finding I really only lose any weight if I cook more often. This is going to get harder as this week starts off the 3-sports-at-once season for John (plus golf). I may just end up cooking while he’s off playing whatever and saving him a plate.

We had friends over yesterday for margaritas, and I stupidly forgot to photograph the margs at all. We made lime sherbet and mango margaritas and both batches turned out really well! Some slight tweaking needs to be done to the recipes but not much.


This morning I got up and made this bubble up breakfast casserole – recipe definitely needs work. It’s fine enough, but nothing craveable. I prefer my quiche recipe.

John and I were talking the other night and decided we’re going to try to do a real 30 Day Shred where we do the videos every day for 30 days. (He gets a pass on nights he plays a sport, and we get our birthdays off, since it’ll be June/July). I think it’ll be cool to see what results we get, if we can stick with it. That’ll start around mid-June, as our push to the bach bash in July.


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